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Three ideas property managers can use to drive sustainability in their buildings – Without spending a fortune!

Try these steps to reduce energy consumption in your building and better control operating costs By: Zach Denning   Large commercial real estate companies typically have sustainability and engineering divisions tasked with finding building inefficiencies throughout their commercial portfolios. When we think building sustainability, our minds drift to sophisticated solutions involving key stakeholders and large capital budgets. Yet, when […]

Hot & cold calls ruining your tenant relationships? Learn a new management style to reverse calls and costs without becoming an expert!

You don’t need to be an HVAC expert to make impactful, financially-driven decisions! By: Zach Denning   It’s no secret that the majority of tenant complaints in commercial buildings revolve around HVAC. Hot and cold calls make up 8/10 objections lodged by tenants and are the catalyst for declining relationships between tenants and managers. Most tenants […]

Your HVAC sustainability plan might not be sustainable

Evaluating risk in HVAC sustainability initiatives isn’t as simple as you think! By: Zach Denning   Hiring an Energy Services Contractor or ESCO is typically the first step towards achieving your sustainability goals. In a commercial building they evaluate energy consumption and recommend potential upgrades with quantifiable payback – Often times leading to low-risk investments that […]

No-Cost Proactive Building Maintenance

How do you quantify the value of your HVAC maintenance? By: Zach Denning How many times have you signed away thousands of dollars on preventative maintenance contracts out of necessity? Sometimes it’s due to a manufacturer warranty, while other times it’s simply due to the age of the equipment. Yet, without preventative maintenance equipment operation falls […]

Building Analytics Debunked

Everything you should know about the next evolution of building technology! By: Zach Denning Analytics – The next evolution of building technology. Analytics gives your building a voice. Analytics will save you a fortune on maintenance and operating costs. Analytics can find problems you never knew were there! Most building owners and managers have heard these punchlines […]

Tapping Into Your Building’s Potential

When Cost Management Systems drive your financial decisions! By: Zach Denning   How many times have you been told that you need to upgrade your HVAC equipment? Or been informed your old building automation system is no longer supported. Many building owners and tenants find themselves in a peculiar place when it comes to antiquated HVAC components […]

Energy Savings – Your Next Blind Investment!

  Minimize investment losses with OCMS By: Zach Denning   You build your team of industry experts – All-star contractor, the best energy firm and your aggressive utility rep. Everybody working together to get the highest Return on Investment (ROI) coupled with the latest utility rebates for your latest energy investment. The project looks like a winner […]