Tapping Into Your Building’s Potential

When Cost Management Systems drive your financial decisions!

An OCMS platform sits on top of your existing building automation and HVAC equipment. By absorbing and analyzing existing data OCMS is capable of delivering actionable financial data to close the gap between technical HVAC knowledge and investments

By: Zach Denning


How many times have you been told that you need to upgrade your HVAC equipment? Or been informed your old building automation system is no longer supported. Many building owners and tenants find themselves in a peculiar place when it comes to antiquated HVAC components – Mainly how much they cost!

Should you invest in the new state of the art building automation? Can your old boiler hang on for a few more years? Financial validation of HVAC equipment replacements and upgrades continues to be a difficult process for building owners and tenants – Even consultants. What if your building automation had the answers? 

We’re told that building automation can save energy and help operational processes, yet it remains the most untapped financial resource in a building. Currently automation controls on average 35-40% of all energy consuming equipment in a building  – Everything from daily runtime to sophisticated temperature control. With all of this data your existing building automation can be made into a powerful financial tool – Without needing to be upgraded!

Operating Cost Management Systems (OCMS) overlay existing building automation systems and absorb the equipment data to analyze, predict, and quantify:

  • Maintenance Costs
  • Energy Costs
  • Total Cost of Runtime
  • Equipment Failures & Warnings
  • Equipment Replacement & Upgrades
  • Much more…..

Most IP-capable building automation systems absorb and archive thousands of points, only to be used in a state of emergency. OCMS constantly monitors and analyzes these same points in order to curb emergencies through proactive, action-driven information. Proactive energy and maintenance strategies have proven to reduce overall operating costs of buildings 8-16% – That’s nearly $1-2.00/sq. ft. in annual reduction for the average commercial building!

Before committing to your next HVAC overhaul analyze your current system to see what analysis it is capable of delivering. When you choose to do your equipment upgrades OCMS gives you the intelligence necessary to insure your investment.


My name is Zach Denning and I’m the CEO and owner of EnerDapt, Inc. We’re an HVAC engineering firm that utilizes cloud-baesd technology to bridge the technical and financial gaps commonly found in HVAC management strategies. Our OCMS EnerVise platform keeps customers knowledgeable about their building from life-cycle costs to forecasted maintenance, upgrades, andequipment replacements.   You can reach me at zdenning@enerdapt.com or visit our website at www.enerdapt.com

OCMS; Building Operating Cost Management

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